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Dear Dennis,

Linda and I would like to thank you for the phenomenal professionalism that both you and Karl exhibited during the remodeling work you performed in our home. We are very pleased, in fact, ecstatic with the final product.

In every dimension of this endeavor, you performed at a very high level of demonstrated competence. From the initial site visit and discussions of the scope of work we wanted done, you were engaged, quietly confident about your ability to do the work, and prompt in returning what turned out to be a very accurate cost estimate and construction timeline.

Once the actual work began, Linda and I were both blown away by the level of respect for our home, the cleanliness of your work and the minimal disruption to our everyday lives and living space.

That accomplishment took exemplary planning and organizational skills when you consider the work included a complete bathroom remodel involving fitting a laundry facility, vanity area and shower into an impossibly small space, reworking the staircase for the main house entryway, and retrofitting electrical and lighting while replacing insulation and wall covering in our garage.

In all aspects of this work, you chose quality materials and provided superior workmanship resulting in a product that we can be proud to share with all of our guests.

We would be happy for you to share this letter as testimony to any prospective client that your firm should be given priority consideration for any work they may be planning.


Jeff and Linda Parks